HJR 63: War with Iraq replaced by war with ISIL

HJR63 War with ISIL

HJR 63 quietly repeals 2002 authorization of war with Iraq and replaces it with ISIL war.

While it may seem like good news that we’re officially ending the never-ending war with Iraq, this bill is merely changing names. The escalated conflict in Iraq between government forces against ISIL (also known as ISIS) and the Taliban has created a new name for familiar enemies. Further complicating the precarious situation in Iraq, is the ongoing support from Iran to fight ISIL. The Baghdad government has utilized Iran Shia militias since 2014 , when the U.S. started increasing military presence due to increased violence. This bill will authorize more troops to counter the support of Iran, because nothing scares the U.S. more than an Iraq politically allied with Iran.

Read HJR63 in full here


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